Agree MFB , try to choose a life well lived .

In this advanced luxury society that many of us are lucky enough to enjoy , there are plenty of ways to get stimulated without harming ourselves or others.

But we’ve gone from fear of starvation taught half a century ago to obesity . Optimum life strategies for success should be taught instead of a kid’s right to identify as a cat and have a litter box in class

Hopefully the pendulum is swinging back from peak absurdity.

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I one hundred percent agree. My son is an addict sadly and despite his knowledge of the pain and suffering he imposes on himself and his family he continues to do it. He tries but has failed so far. I know of so many families that have or are going through the same thing with either drugs or alcohol or both and there are no social boundaries to it. Our society is going to have to change or the next generation, my grandchildren, could be exposed to it. A life well lived truly is the goal.

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Nov 28, 2023·edited Nov 28, 2023

Problem is, tolerance, and you reach a point where it isn't enough, and need more....Legalized pot was never a good solution. Everyone I ever lived with on pot was completely out of it most of the time and it never helped them, some sold other drugs to make up the cost, or it led to a decline in everything they were ever involved in. The 2nd best student at my high school for eg, ended up dropping out after getting into drugs, it does that to people everywhere.

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