David Talbot

The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government

That Book turned me into a Swamp suspect years ago . The Dulles brothers were an evil combo in the 60s . RFK and JFK were onto it ... then they died .

Vivek , JFKjr and Trump are our only hope to drain the Swamp. The Free world depends on it . And for that to work X has to work to get the truth out

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Interesting topic today. Thanks for the post! I will get that book. Here's my thought on why Trump didn't release all the files. I think perhaps he might have been concerned that showing the rot in these agencies went back farther than anyone could suspect, might actually be destablizing. Our faith in institutions has been eroded so badly that who knows when the rubicon may be crossed. Recognizing that's a fairly weak argument, but otherwise, I draw a blank.

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Agree ,

That fracking sentiment is a concern Dave .

A couple of things to weigh:

-RFKjr is evolving

⁃ like Trump , much of what he’s accused of is taken out of context

⁃ given his name , He’s a very useful tool re Drain the Swamp

⁃ If we don’t soon drain the swamp nothing else matters, democracy will be gone

He’d be a fun AG under Vivek or Trump

Pass the popcorn

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WHy? Because trump was ill advised by Mike Pompeo, secretary of states, ex-cia director.

Mike Pompeo turned out to be a traitor and deep state that stabbed trump on the back like so many.

Vivek statements and arguments are stunning and brilliant but he is still naive and a nobody, trump is scars proven and no amount of money can buy him off.

Does democrats attack Vivek like they do to trump? Which president in the history had to endure the attacks trump suffered?

Trump is your new kennedy. Look no further.

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